Advocate Robert Trzaskowski

2_wwwAdvocate Robert Trzaskowski has graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Lodz. His master’s thesis in the field of constitutional law on the topic of “The constitutional right to fair trial” was selected by the Constitutional Law Review as the best thesis in Poland in the field of constitutional law and political systems. It should be emphasized that in the course of study Robert Trzaskowski has undertaken activity in the scientific circles as well as work pro bono for the poorest citizens in the framework of the Clinic of Law.

Advocate Robert Trzaskowski has also completed postgraduate-studies Legal Support of Entrepreneurs at the Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Lodz, which allowed him to gain in-depth expertise in the provision of legal services ie. commercial law,  intellectual property law and  copyright, the right to protection of personal data, and more.

In 2011, advocate Robert Trzaskowski began doctoral (PhD) studies in the Department of Constitutional Law, University of Lodz. He has participated in several legal conferences nationwide and internationally, as well as prepared and published several scientific papers on the topics of constitutional law, human rights and public law. In the course of doctoral studies he was rewarded for his individual achievements.

Advocate Robert Trzaskowski has served his advocate’s apprenticeship under the patronage of advocate Piotr Paduszyński in the Chamber of Advocates in Lodz. In the course of the advocates’s apprenticeship was rewarded for very good results. Professional experience gained in two law firms: Law Firm – Paduszyński, Wojtowicz, Fijałkowska, Tomczyk Limited Liability Partnership Attorneys and Individual Law Firm Advocate Wojciech Krzysztofek. He has passed advocate’s exam in 2015.

The expertise and experience of advocate Robert Trzaskowski guarantees customers the highest quality of services.